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Just got off the ice... wow! I can dedicate more of my focus on positioning and tracking the puck rather than basic movements. My mobility is at least doubled. For garage league goalies this should be an absolute no-brainer. Thanks! Ben
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June '23
June 28/23. I posted the first part of the new 'injuries' page. It was getting too big to control, so I had to put part 1 up. It will change, but now the video can be added.
I relied heavily on Flash, and with Adobe ending support of it, all of the Flash pieces on the site are dead. I had to delete the entire section on 'How Shooters Shoot' because it was mostly Flash. It's too bad because that was a few years of work, and it was valuable information. A few other pages are salvageable, and I'll rebuild them when I can. The 'Play Analysis' page contains a spare piece from the old 'injuries' page, and I'll be building on that because I like it and it's easy.

BTW. I'm not on any social media and do not plan on it. Sorry, but there are only so many hours in a day, and they all go towards work. However, my phone number is up above, so do not hesitate to call or text, because I always have time to talk goaltending or the blade. If I'm on the ice or busy, leave a message and I'll get back to you ASAP. X

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1 pair of (either) blades is C$30.00, 2 pairs (of either) are C$50.00. The ordering page has details. For etransfer, use my only email address:

I'm just going to place this link here for a few days. It's the first in a series of Youtube videos that I finally started. It's on the RVH, and it's here.

After a year, the results are coming in and there's no doubt about it: Overdrive2 works great on the no-cowling skate for a very noticeable improvement in mobility. I knew it but waited for customers to report it. Here's Jim Kracker, a long-time Overdrive user.

I've been using Overdrive on my cowlingless skates (Bauer Elites) and they work great together. I am amazed at how much lower I can get my skate and still get a good, solid push, or just hold a wide, stable butterfly. Took maybe five minutes to get accustomed to using them. Everything works so well. In addition to getting super easy side-to-side pushes, I've noticed that my legs are not as tired. Was really worried about so many factors with the new skates, like the thinner blades and a lack of the traditional wraparound cowlings. Your blade's performance was really not a concern, as I was positive it would help save me from an injury. But the blade really makes it so much easier to get the push. Didn't expect it to help out so well. Installation went without a hitch, and was exactly as you laid out on the website.
And later.... It is much more of a game changer on the cowlingless skates. I think it helped more with injury prevention on the older style skates and less of a performance enhancement. On the cowlingless skates, it does help with injury reduction, but the performance help is incredible. I've actually been using the overdrive blade to tease forwards behind the net with the puck. Make them think they can beat me to the other post, but I push with both pads low and slam the door shut on them. Your product combined with the cowlingless skates and new pads have improved my game immensely.(



All I hear now from goalies who haven't used Overdrive is that if you wear the new no-cowling skates you don't need it. When I launched Overdrive, everyone who hadn't tried the blade was telling me you didn't need it. They were guessing. They were wrong then. They're wrong now.
You will always need Overdrive because you can never have enough angle of attack. The new skates removed the cowling and raised the blade, improving the angle of attack from 45° down to about 30°, which is nice but not enough. You can easily reach that angle by:

—widening out to 30°,
—rolling your ankle down to 30°,
—angling your leg down to 30°,
—or by a combination of all 3, which is what usually happens, leaving you out of edge and needing more. You'll either have to stop the move or boot out and possibly strain something.

With Overdrive, you get edge down to about 10° for solid pushes on every move you make, on your feet or while down. For decades now, Overdrive has been used by thousands of goalies at all levels, from beginners needing help with their edges right up to pros with extremely demanding moves. Today, goaltending has never been so intense, and with forwards always innovating, you can't just game up, you have to get ahead. Be there with Overdrive to make the move.


Goaltending is bad for your body. The widening-out moves inevitably cause injury because the legs and hips are built to swing forward and back. Goaltending moves go against this natural motion to stress body parts not built for heavy action. For example, the groin muscles are made to be stabilizers that keep the legs in line, but goaltending forces them to become load-bearing and endure constant use. Breakdown anywhere from the hips to the knees will happen because goalies widen out explosively, thousands of times a year. In addition, goalie skates do not offer secure footing on these moves. As you widen out, the ball of the foot is driven into the ice and can lever the blade up, causing a bootout, a sudden slipping of the foot that widens you even more.

To the right is a good example of a bootout. It's Quick's injury on Oct. 13/16, with his right leg booting out as he tries to push off while down. The injury ruined his season, and he has not been the same since, with only occasional flashes of his all-star form. Goalie injuries often result from an accumulation of minor strains, ending with a full-scale injury on a seemingly simple move. Here, the bootout isn't bad because not a lot of weight is on his right leg when it slides out - he's on his knees and the left knee is taking most of his weight. Injuries like this are the result of a long process, with the damage having developed through constant widening out. Get a grip.

Overdrive gives you rock-solid safety by securing your footing to reduce or even eliminate bootouts. It also allows you to control your widening out and even not to use it by keeping you on your feet, thereby limiting the cumulative wear and tear that leads to injury from your core down to your knees. Only Overdrive protects you as you widen out.

0verdrive is still outlawed in the pros, so franchise goalies are still going down, still having their careers shortened by the same old injuries.