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e-mail me Put 'the blade' in the header so it doesn't go into my spam folder.

I added a page on the new CCM RBZ install.

I thought I'd give a quick fix to the Equipment Repair page, but as usual, I bogged down in detail, specifically on the trapper, so most of the page is now up except for the trapper and some other pieces. As it is, I think it's an interesting and useful page. I've been a bit busy lately, but as of now, I owe the rest of the Equipment Repair page, and 'the boot' part of the 'Skates' page. Luckily, I waited on the boot part of the page, because I made a major change to my skates that should be interesting.

There's a new page up called Skates with a lot of info on it. The second half on the boot is coming.
I cleaned up the FAQ page and put up some new questions.
I replaced the 'About the Boot' page with 'The Pads.' There's a lot of useful info here, something for everyone.
I removed a few pages because the info on them is now common knowledge and I have to get the site down to a manageable size.
I added an install page on the new Bauers, with my take on the Vertexx cutout.
I added an install page on the new Graf. If you're thinking of getting this skate, Overdrive or not, I think you should take a look at it.

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